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Founded in 2011, the Historic Airline Group was originally formed as Piedmont Virtual. Based on the classic Piedmont Airlines, we decided early on to not limit ourselves to only one airline. We added Pennsylvania Central Airlines and as interest grew so did our list of classic airlines. We bring the classics to the virtual airline community.

We fly many classic types of aircraft, from the DC-3 to early 747s and everything in between. Our advancement process allows you to advance through the fleet as you gain experience. Along the way you will complete checkrides that will give you the confidence you need to fly increasingly complex aircraft.

Our pilots fly for any airline they desire. Pilots are not limited to any specific hub or airline. The choice is yours every time you fly.

HAG also has a unique charter division. Many typical charter aircraft are based at several locations in the US and Great Britian. The difference is that you get to decide where you fly to. The possibilities are endless!

Join us today and start enjoying the challenge of operating classic aircraft on historic airline routes!

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
CLX2563 Josh Van Den Ing LX-YCV LEVS ELLX 04/23/2017 Pending
CLX2550 Josh Van Den Ing LX-YCV ELLX LEVS 04/23/2017 Pending
UAL9818 Herman Kreimes N8066U KORD KDEN 04/22/2017 Arrived
SAB7556 Panos Thomas OO-SRH LLBG LGAV 04/22/2017 Arrived
VAL10241 Leon Vermeulen N930VV KDCA KBOS 04/22/2017 Arrived



Posted by David Reed on 04/10/2017


ValuJet Airlines (VAL) was founded in 1992 as a low cost carrier. They bought older DC-9s from many different operators for their low purchase cost. Pilots had to pay for their own training, and maintenance was outsourced to many companies, who in turn subcontracted work to other companies. These bare-bones tactics caused the Dept of Defense to reject ValuJet's bid to fly military personnel, citing serious concerns over quality assurance procedures. In three years ValuJet aircraft made 129 emergency landings, causing the FAA to make Valujet first get approval before adding aircraft or new cities, something that hadn't been done since regulation. With numerous maintenance violations such as rusty engine parts and uncorrected hydraulic faults, the FAA finally grounded ValuJet in 1996 after the crash of flight 592 in the Florida Everglades. ValuJet flights can be flown from their Atlanta hub to 12 different cities.


US Air Force Reserve flights have been added in both the US and Europe using McDonnell-Douglas C-9 aircraft. These aircraft were workhorses of the Reserve fleet, carry military personnel from base to base on an airline style schedule. In Europe our C9 is based in the UK at RAF Mildenhall, while the US-based C9 fleet is at Scott AFB near St Louis. Originally the C-9 Nightingale was ordered for aeromedical transport in 1968. The USAF operated the C-9A and VC-9C, while the Navy and Marines operated the C-9B. The last USAF C-9 was retired in 2011, and the Navy retired theirs in 2014. The Marines still operate two C-9Bs. Navy and Marine C-9Bs had a higher gross weight (114,000 lbs) and all models had extended range fuel tanks giving the C-9 a range of 2900 miles. All military C-9s were known for their high level of quality maintenance, giving them the highest dispatch reliability rating of any DC-9/C-9 operator.


Here are a few stats about our favorite VA. Top Ten Airlines flown: #1 Lufthansa, KLM, BOAC, PanAm, American, TWA, United, Eastern, USAF & Chester Charter.

Top Ten Aircraft flown: #1 DC3, Connie, DC6/7, B707, B727, B747, DC8, Convair 240/340/440, B737, DC4.

Top Ten Highest Time Aircraft: #1 TWA L049, KLM DC3, AAL DC3, USAF C135, Cathay DC3, Lufthansa B747, PAA DC3, Sabena DC6B, BOAC VC10, NWA B377.


HAG has finally added Ozark Airlines to our schedules. We are opening up the Ozark line with a classic DC-9 route: St Louis to Chicago via Peoria, then on to Kansas City via Davenport and Cedar Rapids, ending with a flight from KC to Milwaukee via Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. Ozark served the midwest from the very beginning, and the DC-9 was their first jet, introduced in 1966. Twelve years later the last FH-227 was sold and Ozark became an all-jet airline. Even though they had grown to reach destinations throughout the country, Ozark never lost track of the smaller communities that made them the success they were. When TWA needed a better national route structure, Ozark was a natural fit and the two merged in 1986. Our Ozark DC-9 flights are classic Ozark, with the longest being 48 minutes and the shortest just 18 minutes, perfect for the sim flyer with limited time. The DC-9 and Ozark Liveries are available at the Historic Jetliner Group website.


Cargolux is a European cargo airline based in Luxembourg. Started in 1970 with a single CL44, it grew quickly. In five years they began changing from the CL44 to DC-8-63 aircraft. Ten years later the last DC-8 was retired, replaced by the 747. Today, Cargolux operates 22 747 freighters on scheduled air cargo flights. We have added DC-8 and B747 flights from their hub in Luxembourg to destinations in Europe, Africa and North America. Enjoy the fun of cargo flying!


I've added new chapters to our Cockpit Chronicles blog. With over forty years experience in aviation, I've had my share of interesting events occur, and in Cockpit Chronicles I share them with all my flight sim friends. Remember, all of these events are true and few names have been changed. Simply click on the link on the right side of this homepage, pour yourself a brandy and enjoy some good reading.


The Historic Airline Group just added 48 new flights for military transport flying. We have added 26 new USAF flights out of Rhein-Mein AB/Frankfurt for the Military Air Transport Service (MATS) using the Douglas C-118A. These flights roam all over Europe and North Africa. We also added 22 USN flights using the C-118B based with VR-54, a reserve squadron in New Orleans. VR-54 flies the C-118B to various naval air bases in the eastern US as well as flights to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These aircraft were used for over twenty years by the military for transporting goods and personnel from base to base. Until now there weren't any C-118A/B textures for the DC-6A, but you can find them now at FlightSim.com.


HAG has just added three new round trip flights to our USAF routes. These are C-135B cargo flights from Ramstein AB in Germany to three destinations in Africa: Entebbe, Uganda; Juba, South Sudan; and Banguri, Central African Republic. These flights provide supplies in support of US interests in the region. If you have a favorite cargo airline, you may substitute them and we'll call it a military contract flight. Just PIREP it the same.



Total Pilots: 136
Total Flights: 16,680
Total Flights Today: 2
Total Flight Hours: 32,478 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 57,722,772
Total Fuel Burned: 138,679,396 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 7,697,366 nm
Total Schedules: 10487

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PAA0667 Marcel De Boer Netherlands
TCA0666 Pete Desjardins Canada
KLM0665 Engelbert Altink Netherlands
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