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Founded in 2011, the Historic Airline Group was originally formed as Piedmont Virtual. Based on the classic Piedmont Airlines, we decided early on to not limit ourselves to only one airline. We added Pennsylvania Central Airlines and as interest grew so did our list of classic airlines. We bring the classics to the virtual airline community.

We fly many classic types of aircraft, from the DC-3 to early 747s and everything in between. Our advancement process allows you to advance through the fleet as you gain experience. Along the way you will complete checkrides that will give you the confidence you need to fly increasingly complex aircraft.

Our pilots fly for any airline they desire. Pilots are not limited to any specific hub or airline. The choice is yours every time you fly.

HAG also has a unique charter division. Many typical charter aircraft are based at several locations in the US and Great Britian. The difference is that you get to decide where you fly to. The possibilities are endless!

Join us today and start enjoying the challenge of operating classic aircraft on historic airline routes!

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
NWA5817 Herman Kreimes N804US KMSP KJFK 10/25/2016 Pending
NCA5379 George R N4825C KORD KOSH 10/24/2016 Arrived
NWA5767 Herman Kreimes N235US EHAM KBOS 10/24/2016 Arrived
SVA8072 Peter Voksan HZ-AHE OKBK OEDR 10/24/2016 Arrived
TWA9250 Peter Voksan N912TW KCMH KIND 10/24/2016 Arrived



Posted by David Reed on 10/22/2016

Canadian Jets


 We have added many new routes in Canada. For Air North we have expanded the 737 routes out of Whitehorse to better cover their actual route structure, including flights to Yellowknife and Ottawa. For First Air we have added twenty new 737 & 727 routes out of Yellowknife and Iqualuit. These are all challenging flights for your northern jets, so dress warm and fly a trip today!

FirstAir began in 1946 but did not start scheduled airline service until 1973. In 1990 the Inuit people purchased First Air through the Makivik Corporation. Shortly after, they purchased several local airlines in Northern Canada, bring 727-100's and 737-200's from Northwest Territorial. The fleet was diverse, with many different types, so First Air trimmed down to three types- the 727, 737 and HS748. Today they operate a fleet of twelve ATR-42's and four 737-400's. 

Air North began life in 1977 with a single Cessna 206. Expansion brought numerous types of aircraft including Beavers and DC-4s. In 2002 they bought their first 737. Today they operate three types: Six 737, four HS748 and two ATR42.  












  It's that time of year again, when everyone needs to go do their annual Air National Guard duty. We have plnety of Air Force birds to choose from, including the C-9, C-135/KC-135, C-119, C-123, C-124, C-130, C-54 and C-47. The C-119 was developed shortly after WW2 and over 1100 copies were built at Fairchild's Hagerstown PA factory. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney R4360 Majors, the C-119 could carry ten tons over 1500 nm at 180 knots. We have twenty C-119 flights, in both Europe and Alaska. The C-130 first flew five years after the C-119. It was everything the C-119 wanted to be. A built-in ramp at the rear, pressurization, could fly at close to 300 kts for over 2000 miles with three times as much cargo as the C-119. It has been in production longer than any other aircraft, with over 2300 built and still rolling off the assembly line. Over 70 C-130 flights are available at HAG, including Alaska, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.. Enjoy!









The BAC 1-11 story began in the 1950s as Vickers-Armstrong commenced work on two separate design studies for a short haul jet airliner. By 1963 Vickers (now known as British Aircraft Company) had received 60 firm orders from British United Airways, Braniff Airways, Mohawk Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Central African Airways, Aer Lingus and American Airlines. The prototype G-ASHG rolled off the Hurn production line on 28 July 1963 in the livery of first customer British United Airways. The first flight took place on 20 August. Unfortunately this aircraft crashed killing all on board on 22 October 1963. The accident was attributed to the “deep stall” phenomena, unique to aircraft with a t-tail and aft mounted engines. When a full stall is achieved, the stalled wing will disrupt normal air flow over the horizontal stabilizer, removing any chance of recovery. As a result of the accident, the stick shaker and stick pusher were developed, two safety items still in use today.

HAG has 214 BAC 1-11 flights to choose from, for American, Mohawk, British Caledonean, British Airways and Air Lingus. Excellent models of the BAC 1-11 can be found at http://www.dmflightsim.co.uk/


Total Pilots: 115
Total Flights: 15,953
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 30,752 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 53,660,245
Total Fuel Burned: 130,439,633 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 7,270,740 nm
Total Schedules: 10225

Newest Pilots

AKA0625 Peter Voksan Hungary
BEA0624 Txer Miko Spain
AAL0623 Blair Brewer United States
TAP0622 Pedro Soares Portugal
DAL0621 Peter Ward United States

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