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Founded in 2011, the Historic Airline Group was originally formed as Piedmont Virtual. Based on the classic Piedmont Airlines, we decided early on to not limit ourselves to only one airline. We added Pennsylvania Central Airlines and as interest grew so did our list of classic airlines. We bring the classics to the virtual airline community.

We fly many classic types of aircraft, from the DC-3 to early 747s and everything in between. Our advancement process allows you to advance through the fleet as you gain experience. Along the way you will complete checkrides that will give you the confidence you need to fly increasingly complex aircraft.

Our pilots fly for any airline they desire. Pilots are not limited to any specific hub or airline. The choice is yours every time you fly.

HAG also has a unique charter division. Many typical charter aircraft are based at several locations in the US and Great Britian. The difference is that you get to decide where you fly to. The possibilities are endless!

Join us today and start enjoying the challenge of operating classic aircraft on historic airline routes!

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KLM4318 Leon Vermeulen PH-LDS LIMC LFMN 05/26/2016 Arrived
NWA5774 Rickard Jonsson N130US KMKE KMSN 05/26/2016 Arrived
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Posted by David Reed on 05/13/2016

Boeing 727 vs 737
In the early 1960's Boeing designed the 727 to meet a requirement for a short to medium range jet for the airlines. Eventually 1832 were delivered. Yet in 1965 Boeing developed the 737, initially designed to compliment the 727. When fuel prices skyrocketed in the 1970s, Boeing & the airlines chose the 737 for improved economics, installing more fuel efficient engines while lengthening the fuselage for increased capacity. In the 1970s a 727-200 could carry 145 in a typical two-class arrangement. Today, a new 737-900 can carry 174 in the same arrangement, weighs 10% less than the 727 and burns almost 50% less fuel per hour. This gives the 737 a 50% longer range as well. The one thing the 727 could do better was fly fast. 727s typically cruised at M.80-.85, while a 737 runs at M.78. Inside they are identical at 11.5' interior diameter. 9000 737s have been built, with over 6000 of those being the Next Generation versions (600-700-800-900ER).  

The Historic Airline Group is made up of a wide and diverse group of people. As of today we have a nice group of 96 pilots, of which exactly 50% are from the United States. We also have four pilots from South Africa, four from Sweden, two from the Netherlands, two from Greece, eight from Great Britian, two from France, six from Germany, seven from Canada, two from Belgium, three fom Australia, and one each from Turkey, Portugal, Norway, Namibia, Czech Republic, Columbia, Chile and Argentina. No matter where you are from, we all share a common language, classic flight sims!



Mohawk Airlines wasn't your average airline. They were cutting edge. Starting in a small town in New York, Mohawk bought their first three DC-3s in 1947. Five years later they were doing over $24 million in business (that's $212 million in 2015 dollars). They introduced pressurized Convairs, the first regional airline to do so. They hired the first African-American flight attendant. They were the first airline to use a flight simulator for pilot training, thanks to their close relationship with Mr Link. They were the first regional airline to operate jets with the purchase of the BAC 1-11. HAG has many, many routes with Mohawk, allowing you to experience short duration flights with many different aircraft types.



Southern Airways began in 1949 with offices in Birmingham AL. As a local service airline, Southern Airways covered the south-central U.S. from New Orleans to Jacksonville. In August 1953 Southern flew to 29 airports and in August 1967 to 50. Like other Local Service airlines Southern was subsidized. In 1962 Essential Air Service government subsidies accounted for one third of Southern's revenue. One route Southern operated from Miami to Chicago had 14 stops in between! Like most local service airlines Southern flew only Douglas DC-3s for the first few years. In 1961 they began adding secondhand Martin 4-0-4s acquired from Eastern Air Lines. The last DC-3 was retired in 1967. Southern's DC-9 series 10 models arrived in 1967 followed by stretched DC-9 series 30 models in 1969. Unlike other local service airlines Southern did not operate turboprops such as the Convair 580 and Fairchild F-27 widely used by other local service airlines. As the nation's dirt roads gave way to interstate highways and paved state roads, regional airlines found themselves struggling for business. This led to many mergers in the 1970's in the regional airline community. In 1979 Southern Merged with North Central to create a national coverage airline, Republic. Republic later merged with Hughes Airwest to include their western states. Northwest Airlines and Republic Airlines shared adjoining offices at Minneapolis Airport, and in 1986 Northwest merged with Republic, substantially increasing their national network, bringing new hubs like Memphis and Detroit and providing a seamless passenger feed for their overseas flights, just as PanAm had done with their purchase of National Airlines in 1980. HAG has 16 Southern DC-9 flights, and expects to add more flights soon. Today's short haul routes were pioneered by the likes of Southern Airways. For the ultimate experience, fly like they did in the old days- VOR or NDB approaches only!


The demand for air parcel delivery increased in the 1980s, and federal deregulation of the airline industry created new opportunities for UPS. But deregulation also caused change, as established airlines reduced flights and abandoned some routes altogether. To ensure dependability, UPS began to assemble its own jet cargo fleet. With growing demand for faster service, UPS entered the overnight air delivery business, and by 1985 UPS Next Day Air service was available in all 48 states and Puerto Rico. Alaska and Hawaii were added later. That same year, UPS entered a new era with international air package and document service, linking the US and six European nations. In 1988, UPS received authorisation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate its own aircraft, thereby officially becoming an airline. Recruiting the best people available, UPS merged a number of cultures and procedures into a seamless operation called UPS Airlines. At HAG we have many UPS flights for many aircraft types including DC-8, 727, 767 and MD11.


New York Air

New York Air was started in the fall of 1980 to compete with Eastern Airlines on their low-cost shuttle routes and eastern United States service. Formed from resources at Frank Lorenzo's Texas Air, they set up shop in the old American Airlines hangar at New York's LaGuardia Airport. In only 90 days they had hired and trained a full staff of flight crews, flight attendants, mechanics, reservation agents and ramp personnel. But for NYA it was an uphill battle all the way. Lorenzo was very anti-union and the airline pilots union ALPA protested against the airline vigorously. Getting gates and landing slots at New York, Boston and Washington DC was stonewalled by government committees for weeks. Eventually however New York Air succeeded and began operation in December of 1980. A poor economy and the air traffic controllers strike badly hurt NYA's first two years of operation. In 1982 President Reagan settled the strike, the economy began the meteoric rise of the 1980's and NYA quickly became profitable. However consolidation within Texas Air, Continental and Eastern (now owned by TA) caused NYA to be merged back into Continental's operations in 1987. The Historic Airline Group has 74 flights for New York Air's DC-9 and B737-300 fleet. Their distinctive all red paint scheme is available at the Historic Jetliner Group.   


American in Boston

One of our pilots recently brought to our attention that American Airlines wasn't very well represented in Boston. Sure enough, they certainly were not, and American has a long and colorful history in Beantown. So we tore into the Boston timetables and expanded our American Airlines presence in Boston by 197 flights! New destinations, new routes for all the American types, including DC3, DC4, DC6, DC7B, BAC1-11, B727, B707, MD80 and DC10. If you can fly it, we have a route for you out of Boston's Logan International Airport. Don't forget the lobster!








SAS Caravelles

The Sud Aviation Caravelle was the first medium range jetliner in the world. The first Caravelle flew in 1955, with Air France and SAS taking deliveries two years later. There were 11 variations of the basic design, but the unique, engines aft/clean wing design remained throughout. All together, 91 airlines operated the Caravelle over the years. SAS used their Caravelle IA & III versions on routes throughout northern and southern Europe as well as the Middle East. SAS Caravelles flew into the 1970's, eventually replaced by the more economical DC-9.  HAG has 56 flights for the SAS Caravelle, and the Historic Jetliner Group has several excellent models of the Caravelle for free download. Be prepared, for operating the Caravelle is not for the technically challenged!





East-West Airlines DC3 Routes Added

We've just added more flights for East-West Airlines in Australia. DC-3 routes from Sydney now fly non-stops to Parks, Kempsey, Taree, Temora and West Wyalong, and one-stop service to Orange and Pt McQuarie. East-West began service in 1947 as a regional carrier, and growth came quickly. Before long they were Australia's third largest domestic airline, due primarily to their low-cost fare structure. Tickets on East-West were typically half of the cost of those on competing carriers.




KLM Constellations

There just might be a law against having this much fun with a Constellation. KLM operates all of the Connie models, fom the L049 to the L1649. They also operate them on one of the busiest schedules from their hub in Amsterdam. Pick a Connie and fly to just about anywhere you like, from a distant Rome or Lisbon, to close-by Brussels or Dusseldorf. With KLM's Constellations, there is almost no limit to the amount of fun you can have!





PanAm flights to Bogota Added

We have just added a round trip flight from Miami to Bogota Columbia. PanAm has always been a major player in South America, and with this move we have added PanAm 707/747 flights daily.








Aircraft Restrictions Removed

We have made a major change at the Historic Airline Group. While pilot rank is still based on hours, there are no longer any limitations on what aircraft you can fly. Any pilot, regardless of rank, now has access to all of our aircraft. So whether it's a DC3 or a Boeing 747, you may now fly any aircraft you desire. Enjoy!







American 707/727 Schedules Updated

We have redone the American Airlines 707 and 727 schedules to add variety. Whereas before we had mostly out & backs (two leg round trips), we have added numerous multi-leg trips, much like the real mainline crews fly. For example, one trip originates in Philadelphia and flies round trip with stops in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Omaha, Bismark & Minneapolis. There is a round trip 707 flight from New York-JFK with stops in Cincinnati, Dallas, Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Chicago. Be careful on your fuel calculations, for shorter legs mean you will be limited on takeoff weight due to max landing weight limitations. Saddle up your first generation jet and enjoy the new, shorter flights on American Airlines!







Alaska Charters With Chester Charter

Our Chester Charter opportunities have just been expanded! Besides our regular charter hubs in USA and England, We now have charter flights in Alaska. We use a variety of aircraft, including the Beechcraft 1900, Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna 207 Stationair, Cessna 185 Skywagon, Piper Chieftain, and two new ones: Floatplanes using a Dehavilland DHC2 Beaver and the Cessna 185! Plot your own charter course from their bases in Nome, Unalakleet, Deadhorse, Anchorage and Ketchikan. Seaplane flights originate in Ketchikan and Anchorage. As with all charter flights, you pick the destination and the aircraft. Whether it's hunters to the Kobuk Valley National Park, or oil company personnel and supplies to Barrow, you will always find adventure with Chester Charter! 


Alaska 727 Flights Added

Bering Air provides service to Nome and Unalakleet Alaska in order to connect to Alaska Airlines for service to Anchorage. We've filled this gap by adding classic 727-100 service from Anchorage to Nome and Unalakleet, as well as non-stop service to Cold Bay and Kodiak. All Alaska 727-100 flights are now available to Level II pilots  You can find excellent 727-100's at HJG along with classic Alaska Airlines textures





Bering Air Flights Added

At Bering Air we have added flights from their hub in Kotzebue. Bering Air PA31 Chieftains are flown on four flights, each one a multi-stop trip to small towns and villages with no other connection to the outside world. There is also a non-stop round trip to their other hub in Nome. Again, these flights are all under an hour in length, yet bring the challenge of flying to gravel strips in the Alaskan frontier. HAG now has 35 flights for the Bering Air Chieftains.





Bering Air- Connecting Western Alaska

The Historic Airline Group has just added a local air service in Alaska. Bering Air began service in 1974, operating a DeHavilland beaver out of Nome. As they grew, so did their fleet. Today they operate a mix of Beech 1900, Cessna Caravan and Piper Chieftain aircraft to 32 destinations from three hubs in Nome, Unalakleet and Kotzebue, Alaska. We have 18 flights from their Nome base, using the Piper Chieftain N4112E. These are great flights for those with limited time. Most flights are under 30 minutes, and none over an hour in length. For a real challenge, try flying a scheduled route in Alaska in the winter! Look for PA31BRA for Bering Air flights. Textures will be available on Flightsim.com soon!



Lineas Aereas Suramericanas: Columbian Freight

The Historic Airline Group has just added another classic air freight business, Lineas Aereas Suramericanas. Based in Bogota, LAS flies three 727-100F and three 727-200F classic Boeing freighters. We have six two-stop round trips to 13 airports in Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicuragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Venezula and Guyana. At HJG you can download the LAS 727-200F HK-4261X. Delivered in October of 1975 to Northwest Airlines, this particular aircraft flew for NWA for 20 years. It was then sold to Amerijet International where it was converted into a freighter. Six years later it was sold to LA Suramericanas where it is still active today.    

Seven Seas DC-9-32F

Seven Seas Cargo finally bought their first jet. DC-9-32 (msn 47285, HAG- DC93 SEA) was delivered to Delta Airlines on December 7, 1968. She flew faithfully with Delta for 26 years before being sold to ValuJet in April of 1994. Registered N911VV, ValuJet only operated her for three years before AirTran purchased the airline and N911VV became N811AT. Yet only one year later it was parked and stored at Opa Locka Airport in Florida. Seven Seas bought it and sent it to Jet Group Inc in Miami to make it airworthy again. From there it went to Pemco Conversions in Tampa for a cargo door and interior. N811AT will operate between Miami and San Juan, with continuing freight service to Guadeloupe. We will also operate it from San Juan to Kingston, Jamaica. Textures can be found soon at Flightsim.com. DC9's are normally a Class IV aircraft, but Seven Seas will let any Class 1 pilot fly their new jet!   


Convair Joins Seven Seas Cargo

You can tell its winter because we're focusing on Caribbean operations! Our very own Seven Seas Cargo airline has added a new aircraft to its fleet in response to demand. Seven Seas purchased a Convair 340 for its thriving cargo operations out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. With the Convair 340 we can carry up to 12,000 lbs of freight, compared to 1200-1500 lbs on the Twin Beech and Navajos currently in use. Our new aircraft is registered in the Dominican Republic as HI-394CT, an actual Convair that used to fly these same routes. Look for textures at Flightsim.com based on the VBF CV240, available at ClaClassics. Best part: The Seven Seas Convair is available to new hires too!  

Dominican Republic Freight Dogs!

Our Seven Seas Cargo operations in the Caribbean just opened a new base in Santo Domingo. Using either the D18S (D18S SEAS) or the Piper Chieftain (PA31 SEAS), there are six routes each, with each route comprising three legs. The legs are short, with every flight under an hour. Along the coast, over or around the mountains, the scenery is both beautiful and challenging. Go to http://vfrmap.com/ and check your route- there are plenty of restricted and prohibited areas to avoid. Have fun! 










HAG Charters!

HAG has more than classic airline flights. We also have a unique charter department! Charters operate out of three locations: Hayward CA (near Oakland), Chester CT and Luton (near London). From these locations you may operate a round trip charter flight to any destination you desire. We use a wide variety of aircraft too. Starting with the Cessna 210, we move up to the Baron 58, PA31 Chieftain, Beech 18, KingAir 200,and a Learjet 45. Fly to a small grass strip or a major metropolitan airport, the choice is yours at HAG Charters. 




LoganAir D18S Returns

I recently noted a glitch in the schedules. It seems I had 72 flights for the classic Twin Beech at LoganAir in Scotland, but the plane had become disabled in our system. I'm happy to report our Twin Beech is eagerly awaiting your flights in the LoganAir routes! Enjoy!


Total Pilots: 94
Total Flights: 15,348
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 29,356 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 52,028,051
Total Fuel Burned: 122,577,299 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 6,866,571 nm
Total Schedules: 10007

Newest Pilots

PIE0596 Shannon Smith United States
AAL0595 Leon Vermeulen South Africa
DLH0594 David Benedikt Czech Republic
AAL0591 Rickard Jonsson Canada
LAN0589 Ignacio Tapia Chile

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