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Founded in 2011, the Historic Airline Group was originally formed as Piedmont Virtual. Based on the classic Piedmont Airlines, we decided early on to not limit ourselves to only one airline. We added Pennsylvania Central Airlines and as interest grew so did our list of classic airlines. We bring the classics to the virtual airline community.

We fly many classic types of aircraft, from the DC-3 to early 747s and everything in between. Our advancement process allows you to advance through the fleet as you gain experience. Along the way you will complete checkrides that will give you the confidence you need to fly increasingly complex aircraft.

Our pilots fly for any airline they desire. Pilots are not limited to any specific hub or airline. The choice is yours every time you fly.

HAG also has a unique charter division. Many typical charter aircraft are based at several locations in the US and Great Britian. The difference is that you get to decide where you fly to. The possibilities are endless!

Join us today and start enjoying the challenge of operating classic aircraft on historic airline routes!

Recent Arrivals

Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
USN10151 David Reed 131600 KNBG KNQX 02/26/2017 Pending
UPS9789 Paul Blinn N272UP KONT ZGSZ 02/26/2017 Arrived
CPC2822 Holger Plaumann CF-CUA CYXS CYYD 02/26/2017 Arrived
RAA7249 Josh Van Den Ing A84-177 YPED YSRI 02/26/2017 Arrived
RAA7248 Josh Van Den Ing A84-177 YPEA YPED 02/26/2017 Arrived



Posted by David Reed on 02/08/2017

Charity Raffle!

The Historic Airline Group is holding a charity raffle during the month of February. To enter you may purchase one ticket for $5.00 US. There is no limit as to the number of tickets you can buy. On March 1st a winner will be selected using a random number generator. The winner will receive this brand new copy of The Encyclopedia Of Aircraft Of World War II. I purchased this new at Barnes & Noble today. Shipping will be free of course. The funds raised will go to a family I know, Shane & Rachel Robertson of St Louis. Rachel had a baby girl Molly on January 1st (New Year's baby!). It was a difficult delivery for Rachel, with complications that resulted in even higher hospital bills. The problem is that her husband receives very limited health care from his job in construction, and Rachel is currently unemployed. With the bills piling up, they could use a helping hand. Rachel flew for me as a copilot on our KingAir 200, and is set to start again as a KingAir copilot, flying for a local company in a KA350. That will be a contract position for her, so the pay is minimal and the benefits not included. This is a good Christian family that could use some help, so if you'd like to help a fellow pilot in need, send your ticket payment to me via PayPal at reed0427@hotmail.com. I will send you a ticket number and the winner of this great book will be announced on March 1st. Go team HAG!


The Historic Airline Group just added 48 new flights for military transport flying. We have added 26 new USAF flights out of Rhein-Mein AB/Frankfurt for the Military Air Transport Service (MATS) using the Douglas C-118A. These flights roam all over Europe and North Africa. We also added 22 USN flights using the C-118B based with VR-54, a reserve squadron in New Orleans. VR-54 flies the C-118B to various naval air bases in the eastern US as well as flights to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These aircraft were used for over twenty years by the military for transporting goods and personnel from base to base. Until now there weren't any C-118A/B textures for the DC-6A, but you can find them now at FlightSim.com.


HAG has just added three new round trip flights to our USAF routes. These are C-135B cargo flights from Ramstein AB in Germany to three destinations in Africa: Entebbe, Uganda; Juba, South Sudan; and Banguri, Central African Republic. These flights provide supplies in support of US interests in the region. If you have a favorite cargo airline, you may substitute them and we'll call it a military contract flight. Just PIREP it the same.


HAG has just expanded our LAN-CHILE database to include Boeing 707 and Boeing 727 aircraft. The jets introduced long range and domestic jet service to Chile. 707s would typically fly through Lima to Miami and New York, and through Rio De Janeiro to Madrid/Paris/Frankfurt. The 727 also flew to Miami and New York, but otherwise focused on shorter routes. All are based in Santiago.


Seaboard World Airlines was founded on September 16, 1946, as Seaboard & Western Airlines. It initially operated Douglas DC-4 aircraft, followed by Lockheed Super Constellation airliners. It adopted the name Seaboard World Airlines in April 1961. Jet cargo service started in 1964 with the introduction of the Douglas DC-8. The airline played a prominent role in the Vietnam War during the late 1960s, using Douglas DC-8-63 jets to connect McChord Air Force Base, Washington with Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. In 1968, one of these flights operating as Seaboard World Airlines Flight 253A was forced to land in the Soviet Union with 214 American troops on board. On 30 April 1969, a Seaboard World Airlines DC-8 with 219 passengers and 13 crewmembers landed by mistake at Marble Mountain Air Facility, when it had actually been cleared to land at the nearby Da Nang Air Base. After fuel and passengers were offloaded, the plane was towed to the north overrun and departed five hours after the landing incident. Seaboard was the first airline to fly a 747 Freighter service from the UK to the USA. The airline merged with Flying Tiger Line on October 1, 1980, resulting in the loss of its corporate identity. HAG has added numerous routes for Seaboard World (SBA) using the CL-44, DC-8 and B747. The CL-44 was actually capable of flying non-stop from New York to Paris, though if the load was heavy enough they would make a fuel stop in Gander sometimes. Look for a texture for the CL-44 at Flightsim this weekend!

Southern Airways

Southern Airways began service as a local service air carrier in 1949. With offices in Birmingham, Southern initially operated from Memphis, moving their hub to Atlanta later. Southern relied heavily on the government's Essential Air Service subsidies, which allowed airlines to serve small communities with a government gaurantee of sufficient revenue. Service began with DC-3 flights to New Orleans, Charlotte and Jacksonville. Over the next thirty years, service grew to over fifty cities throughout the southeast. They moved into Martin 404 aircraft, and later bought DC-9's. In 1979 fuel prices were skyrocketing and revenues dropping as the economy took a dramatic downturn. Southern merged with North Central to create Republic Airlines, becoming one of the largest regional carriers with flights throughout the US. Seven years later, Northwest bought Republic Airlines to enhance their national air route system. Over twenty years later Northwest merged with Delta Airlines.

Bering Air

Bering Air (BRA) operates in the more distant regions of the cold Alaskan frontier. They carry passengers and dedicated freight. Our schedules include trips for the classic PA31 Chieftain that Bering Air used to operate, but if you have a hankering for something newer, feel free to operate these same trips with one of their current Caravans. These rugged and dependable aircraft can handle anything you throw at it. If you stay with the mighty Chieftain, be sure your engine temps are in the green before you takeoff! As Christmas approaches be sure to visit the land near Santa and handle the challenges commerical pilots there face every day.

Douglas DC-8

In 1952 the Douglas Aircraft Company established a design team to look into developing a jet aircraft. The company did not want to rush into the jet market and drain its assets. At the time it dominated the commercial airliner market with the DC-6. American Airlines wanted a faster DC-6


Total Pilots: 131
Total Flights: 16,414
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 31,753 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 56,046,729
Total Fuel Burned: 135,387,830 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 7,545,209 nm
Total Schedules: 10372

Newest Pilots

PAA0656 David Kurth United States
TWA0655 Ian Merton United Kingdom
EAL0654 Bob Cardone United States
EAL0653 Kevin Devlin United States
FIN0652 Esko Heino Finland

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