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Postby David Reed » Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:56 pm

I just created the trip of the week for the coming week ahead. There are two airline trips provided each week. You can fly one or both, your choice.

I have also added the charter trip of the week. These can be challenging, because you never know where you may be heading, and you probably don't fly the specified aircraft too often. We kick off our new charter of the week feature with a typical trip: A charter fishing boat hit some rocks and ruined the props and shafts. They need this fixed ASAP. New props and shafts are in Albany NY, and to drive it will take 5 hrs. The charter company called us at 1215 and we promised them the parts by 3pm or sooner. Typical freight charter- no notice, leave immediately, get it there yesterday. When you're starting out in aviation, these trips are something we all had to do. Enjoy!
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