Quantas up close

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Quantas up close

Postby David Reed » Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:10 pm

Flew the Trip of the Week in the Quantas 707-138B. I kept close track of the numbers because I haven't flown the older 707's lately and I wanted to see how it performed.

Perth to Singapore. Flight Sim 2004 said it would take 4+14 enroute, with a fuel burn 28,271. I put on the designated 145 passengers and 160 bags. I left off any freight. Saturday night, I figured there wouldn't be much. We pushed back right on time at 1500, started engines and called for taxi at 1505. Taxied out and were ready at 1511.

Position and hold, or as we say today, line up and wait.

We're off! V1 was 119 KIAS, Vr was 122 KIAS. Anyone remember what those numbers mean? Pretty good numbers for such a big plane I thought. Sure enough, she flew right off.

Climbing out over Perth with the FS-provided "storms building" weather. Boy, this smaller airframe with the big engines climbs like crazy! I went up to FL390 at 300 KIAS and averaged 4330 fpm!

Later, after sunset, we start down.

Touched down in Singapore at 1935. The Trip of the Week brief shows an ETA of 1950, so we did pretty good. I don't doubt we got in early. We were crusing at FL390 at M.85 and burning 1602 pph/eng. That is exactly what we expected.

The numbers say it all.

We departed 27% under max gross weight. That's because we gambled the fuel burn would be accurate and loaded only 43,289 lbs of fuel. This left us a solid two hours of reserve fuel. Kinda surprising, as it's only 21% of the maximum fuel load. Normally I would not go that low. Those tanks are pretty near empty at landing, easy to lose suction in the tanks.

Taxi burn was estimated at 1000 and we just nailed it with 1056. In cruise we set fuel flow at 1700 pph/eng by the gauges and saw M.85. Smokin!

After landing we spent 4 minutes taxiing and shut down. Our total fuel burn was only 2% above what was flight planned by FS2004. Nice! We landed within 1% of our estimated landing weight. Now I know I can trust the performance numbers, and with the amazing performance I will be able to carry extra fuel without hardly any penalty.

The texture I got from John Travolta's airplane off of FlightSim.com. The guy who did them made several errors. The writing "Australia's Overseas Airline" was all messed up so I corrected it. The right side emergency exit was in the wrong place, and the left side exits were wrong too. I changed the registration to VH-EBF, so I'll have to verify the name, and re-verify the exit locations, then make the corrections.

To see more about VH-EBF, go to http://www.aussieairliners.org/b-707q/vh-ebf/vhebf.html
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Re: Quantas up close

Postby EAL0739 » Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:22 am

Awesome screenshots accompanied by more awesome descriptions and fuel analysis report!

It is fun to watch flaps (whatever it is called) on engines open and close during take off, flight, and landing!



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