DC6A Up Close

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DC6A Up Close

Postby David Reed » Mon Apr 29, 2019 4:53 pm

Today I flew the sunny skies of the Caribbean. For this trip I flew Trans Air Link flight 11698, a DC-6A from Opa Locka to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Being unpressurized, we flew at 7000' for the trip. The flight plan said it would take 2+36 to get there. I ran the figures, I was well below the weight limits, even with round trip fuel (fresh bread doesn't weigh much). Here's the load sheet:


I started engines at 0815, taxied out at 0820, lifted off at 0828. We landed at 1048, parked at the ramp at 1052, for an actual block time of 2+32. I used max cruise power at 36"/2200 rpm, got 195 KIAS, or 218 KTAS. We leaned to BMEP max and ended up averaging 104 gph per engine. That's well under the flight planned 144 gph. The gauges though showed 77 gph, so the magic number here is 104.

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Re: DC6A Up Close

Postby EAL0739 » Wed May 01, 2019 3:58 pm

Dave Reed wrote:. I ran the figures, I was well below the weight limits, even with round trip fuel

That is NOT uncommon for all airlines flying from America to Caribbean and back. Fuel in Caribbean is too expensive and all airlines usually have round trip fuel loads from America to Caribbean to America. I flew to Caribbean many times.

North America 757s flew round trips to Caribbean from NY and back without getting refuel in Caribbean. In old times, American Airlines DC-10s and A300s did not need refuel in Caribbean for round trip flights from NY.

And great screenshots with superb fuel worksheet analysis



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