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Flight Planner

Postby CLK0749 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:45 pm

Anyone know of a website that will allow you to plan VOR to VOR flights?
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Re: Flight Planner

Postby David Reed » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:52 am

You can do that with FS2004/FSX. If you're looking for more specific routes, like Victor airways and Jet airways, you can go to Skyvector.com.

There are three types of charts you want to use: World Hi, World Lo and World VFR. World Hi shows Jet airways (J41, J343, etc). These are airways at and above 18,000'. World Low are Victor airways, below 18,000' (V2, V121, etc).

For the ultimate realism, go to airnav.com/airports and look up your departure and arrival airports. Scroll down and look for STARs and SIDs. Not all airports have them, but most have something. A STAR is a Standard Terminal Arrival. Find one that comes from the general direction you'll be coming from, i.e., north. If you're lucky, you'll find a VOR that is also on your airway. SID is a Standard Instrument Departure. Select one that is going in your general direction, then from the end point go direct to a VOR that is on your desired airway.

You'll sometimes see Q airways. These are routes that require GPS to navigate.

Example: You want to fly from New York (LGA) to Chicago (Midway). I look at the high altitude enroute map (World Hi) and see that J60 from Phillipsburg (PSB) to Goshen (GLH) works well. Next step, go to airnav.com and find a suitable SID from LGA. Looks like the LaGuardia Five is best. I'll follow it to Solberg VOR (SBJ), then direct to Phillipsburg and join J60.

Going into Chicago I look for a suitable STAR. Back to airnav.com. I see that the Goshen Seven arrival (GSH.GSH7) is perfect, so after flying to Goshen VOR on J60, I then start navigating on the Goshen 7 arrival.

Your flight plan is then filed as LGA5.SBJ PSB J60 GSH.GSH7.

One day I'd like to expand the website so there is an Advanced area, where you would need to calculate routes, do a weight and balance, before you could get the trip assigned. Someday....
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