DC-8 CF-CPG Broke sound barrier

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DC-8 CF-CPG Broke sound barrier

Postby madhattr15 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:20 pm

According to Wikipedia this dc-8 was used in testing a new leading edge and broke the sound barrier (Mach 1.012) in a test dive that lasted for 16 seconds. It was the first airliner to do so it was later sold to Canadian Pacific as CF-CPG.
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Re: DC-8 CF-CPG Broke sound barrier

Postby Dave Reed » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:49 pm

Right you are, Allan! It was August 21, 1961. The pilot, William Magruder, came up with the idea while preparing for a test flight to test a new leading edge design. After a great deal of analytical work to determine best angle, best speed, etc, they departed Long Beach and flew to Edwards AFB. They entered the Askania test range with Chuck Yeager following in an F-104. Destined for Canadian Pacific Airlines, the aircraft was a DC-8-43 equipped with RollsRoyce Conway engines. It was loaded with ballast for an aft CG to aid in recovery. The start of the run began at 52,090'. The plane was nosed over at 0.5g to 15 degrees nose down with recovery beginning at 42,000'. At 41,088' they recorded a speed of 1.012M. The aircraft was delivered to Canadian Pacific where it flew for almost twenty years before being retired and scrapped with 70,567 hrs on it.
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