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Company Statistics

Pilots: 22
Hours: 31,620
Flights: 11,164
Flights Today: 0
Pilots In Flight:
PAX Carried: 46,501,543
Freight Carried: 52,453,756
Miles Flown: 10,139,365
Aircraft: 90
Schedules: 10187
News Items: 1
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 04/01/2024

News May 2024
































APRIL - SEPTEMBER:   Average passenger weight: 180 lbs. Baggage: 25 lbs each. (1955-1980)



CONDITION:    ICING           GUSTING  WIND                          MAX CORRECTION
VREF              +10 KTS       1/2 STEADY WIND + GUST         +20 KTS
Icing Conditions: Add ten knots to Vref and Vapp.  
Gusting winds: Add half the steady state wind speed plus all of the gust. 10G15 = 10 kt correction. 
Note: No correction for steady state winds
Snow Covered/Wet Low Friction Runway: Maximum tailwind 1 kt.
727 NOTE: Standard landing configuration is flaps 30. Vref40+7 speed correction
DC9 NOTE: Standard landing configuration is flaps 40. Vref50+5 speed correction

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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
CPC301ADavid RCYVRPHNLDC8-604.350 ft/mAccepted
PIE502Don BKECGKORFM404 0.280 ft/mAccepted
ACA2210BTom TCYFCCYHZDC9-330.510 ft/mAccepted
USA14433Tom TKBLVKNBGDC9-332.130 ft/mAccepted
AAL564David RKBOSKSFOB707-1004.420 ft/mAccepted
BEA104Herman KEGLLLFMNDH 106 1.500 ft/mAccepted
LAC7360Herman KMSLPMMMXB727-1002.00 ft/mAccepted
EAL5015David RKLGAKDCAL-7490.410 ft/mAccepted
EAL4868Malcolm EKATLKBHMDC-41.00 ft/mAccepted
LOG7538Tom TEGPAEGPDD18S1.260 ft/mAccepted

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