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Hours: 40,679
Flights: 17,612
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PAX Carried: 78,431,888
Freight Carried: 32,014,305
Miles Flown: 11,261,872
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Posted by David Reed on 02/28/2021

March News

This month our Destination Airport of the Month is Dublin International Airport (EIDW), Dublin, Ireland. Thirty one flights by Aer Lingus, BEA, KLM, SAS and LoganAir call Dublin their destination. This includes the 707, BAC 1-11, MD82, Viscount, Saab 340 and the Fokker F-27.  In 1936, the government of Ireland established a new civil airline, Aer Lingus. They also wanted a new airport for their capital, Dublin. Work began in 1937 and the airport opened with a grass strip in 1939. The first airline flight from Dublin left on January 19th, 1940 for Liverpool. In 1948 Dublin Airport built paved runways and a new terminal that resembled an ocean liner superstructure. Aer lingus was the dominant carrier, though KLM brought service to Amsterdam in 1947. Others joined in, like BEA and Sabena. Aer Lingus started Boeing 720 jet service to North America through Shannon beginning in 1960, then the 707 in 1964. Aer Lingus was one of the launch customers for the Vickers Viscount, and it became a common sight in the skies over Dublin. The Viscount was vastly superior in speed and passenger comfort compared to anything else at the time and it contributed tremendously to the success of Aer Lingus and Dublin International Airport. That is why we have made the Vickers Viscount the Aircraft of the Month for March.

Also for March we have completed several extensive updates to schedules, including Aeroflot, Swissair, TWA and SAS. East Germany's Interflug is back. Interflug was East Germany's answer to Lufthansa, but they never became nearly as successful. Interflug operated Russian Ilyushin-18 during the 1960's as the backbone to their fleet, while Tupelov 134's were introduced as their first jets. Interflug was state-owned, and as such suffered from aging equipment and annual financial losses. Easing of tensions between East and West allowed Interflug in 1988 to order three modern Airbus A310's. However, when East and West Germany were united the following year, Interflug was liquidated in 1991. If it's quality IL-18 flying you desire, Interflug may be just the airline you are looking for.

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Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
CPC100David RCYVRKLAXB727-20002.25-122 ft/mPending
EIN514AHerman KEIDWLSZHViscount2.350 ft/mPending
SWR1075BJohn SLFSBEGLLDC-33.240 ft/mPending
UAL14320David RKPHXKORDDC10-1002.42-221 ft/mAccepted
ACA64BHerman KCYEGCYYZB727-2003.350 ft/mAccepted
FIN713Henry DULLIEFHKDC9-3300.50-534 ft/mAccepted
AFL8043Henry DEYVIULLITU-12401.31-412 ft/mAccepted
CPC17BGreg VPHNLCYVRB747-20007.19-209 ft/mAccepted
EIN351Kevin SEGPHEIDWViscount3.500 ft/mAccepted
AAL224ADavid RKLGAKSTLDC-6B03.42902 ft/mAccepted

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