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Posted by David Reed on 06/13/2022

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Boeing 747 production numbers

747-100/B     206
747SP           45
747-200/B   225
747-200F    164
VC-25/B           6
747-300         81
747-400       694   All variants pax/combi/cargo
747-800       155  The final 747-800F to Atlas Air   



Eastern's NC18121

N18121 is a DC-3A built at the Douglas (Santa Monica) plant in 1937. She is one of the oldest DC-3’s still flying and the highest time example left in the world. The aircraft is now privately owned and flies regularly. The aircraft’s date of manufacture is recorded as October 25th 1937.

She was the 119th DC-3 built and was the 7th DC-3 built for Eastern Airlines. She was originally certificated as a DC-3-G2 (powered by Wright GR-1820-G2 engines.) The aircraft was signed for by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker (the then vice president of Eastern airlines) at the Douglas plant on December 20th 1937. Captain Rickenbacker then flew this aircraft to Newark NJ to begin a long and unique career with some of the United States most prominent airlines that spanned almost 60 years.

The aircraft was requisitioned for war service in 1943 (as a C-49.) She served her country briefly (remaining stateside) for just over a year before being returned to Eastern Airlines in 1944. The aircraft then continued on in commercial service for another 40 years. She was operated by companies such as Trans-Texas airlines (TTA) and Provincetown Boston Airlines (PBA) until 1988 when she was finally retired. The aircraft was finally sold into private ownership in 1993 and delivered to the West Coast.

The aircraft, by this point, had accumulated over 91,400 hours total airframe time and was in need of major work and restoration. The aircraft changed hands three further times before the present owner completed the rebuild of the aircraft to flying condition in 2006.

The McDonnell Douglas company recognized this aircraft (S/N 1997) as the highest time DC-3 in the world in the late 1980’s. The aircraft, at this time, has accumulated just over 91,600 hours TTAF and subsequently sets a new world record every time she flies. 
(from Flickr)

.The Historic Airline Group has 92 Eastern DC-3 flights, as well as 1100 other Eastern aircraft flights.

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