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Posted by David Reed on 07/01/2021

July 2021

Summer Circumnavigation Event- Part III

    Our second Circumnavigation Event involved turboprop flights around the world. Several pilots participated and a good time was had by all! Finding turboprop flights that went all the way around was a challenge in itself! We now move on to the next event.

   July: Narrow Body Circumnavigation. You may use any narrowbody jet to complete this trip. Flights begin in New York at JFK International, and return to JFK. All flights must proceed east from JFK when starting the event. 

You might be thinking 707 or VC10, but don't limit yourself! I am going to add this personal challenge to the mix: When crossing the US from the west coast to New York, do it using any DC9, 727, 737 and/or BAC-111, and make at least two stops enroute.


Traveling, 1954 style

It’s April 26, 1954 in Chicago. Spring is here, and at 7am the temperature is 70 degrees under clear skies and calm winds. On this day you are going to travel from Chicago to New York. You have two choices: Train or airline.

The New York Central Railroad has a deluxe train serving this route, called the Twentieth Century Limited. In fact, it’s the only non-stop train between Chicago and New York. Other trains make up to a dozen stops, but the Twentieth Century runs non-stop using a modern diesel locomotive, the EMD F7, leaving at 3:30 pm and arriving at 8:30 am the next morning. The Twentieth Century was a First Class, red-carpet service, with luxurious private seating rooms and large windows that provided a great view of the passing countryside. A gourmet dinner was served on fine chinaware, while the Club car was a place to relax after dinner with a smooth brandy and a cigar. Meanwhile, the conductor would change your Pullman room into a bedroom, providing a comfortable, quiet night’s sleep.  The price was $77.70 ($752 adjusted for today).

Your other option was a choice of flights on American Airlines. The Chicago to New York non-stop was called the Blue Ribbon Aircoach, an all-coach flight using the DC-6. This flight departed Chicago at 8:30 am and arrived at Idlewild Airport at 12:30 pm. There was no food service, but you could buy a drink. You could also choose a standard Flagship DC-7 flight, which left at about the same time but flew to LaGuardia Airport about 30 min quicker than the DC-6. The Blue Ribbon Aircoach fare was only $36 one way, while a First Class ticket on the DC-7 would cost $66.

The choice was of course up to your personal preferences. If you just wanted to get there quickly, then the airlines were the way to go. But if you had the time, money, and preferred the luxury VIP treatment, then the train was for you.



TWA DC-9 Routes

    We have just finished an all-new listing of flights for the Trans World Airlines DC9 series. One hundred and eighty eight new schedules were created using the timetable from 1969 and include accurate flight numbers, departure times and arrival times. While listed for the DC9-30, the flights may be operated by either the DC9-10, DC9-30 or DC9-50. Most of these flights are under an hour in length, exactly what the DC-9 was designed for. When you're ready for some challenging local service, try out one of the new, historically accurate TWA flights today.




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