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Company Statistics

Pilots: 22
Hours: 31,470
Flights: 11,104
Flights Today: 0
Pilots In Flight:
PAX Carried: 46,496,578
Freight Carried: 52,236,389
Miles Flown: 10,089,845
Aircraft: 90
Schedules: 10187
News Items: 1
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 04/01/2024

News April 2024
















APRIL - SEPTEMBER:   Average passenger weight: 180 lbs. Baggage: 25 lbs each. (1955-1980)



5.4.  Pilot Currency

You must fly at least one Historic Airline Group approved scheduled route every 45 days using our automated ACARS system (kACARSII) or manual Pirep form to maintain your currency.

New or re-hired (returning) members must file their first report within 30 days of hire (Probationary period). Failure to do so will result in termination for inactivity without notice.

Pilots who have not flown a flight in excess of 45 days may be terminated without notice. Such pilots may reapply as new hires.

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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
AAL101ADavid RKDALKBNADC-7B2.030 ft/mPending
AAA244BHerman KYSSYYPADDC9-331.300 ft/mAccepted
PDB32AHerman KSAEZSBKPDC8-302.300 ft/mAccepted
ABX295Tom TKALMKABQDC8-501.050 ft/mAccepted
TAA461BHolger PYBTLYBBNDC9-332.250 ft/mAccepted
ABX665David RKILNKEWRDC8-601.020 ft/mAccepted
PAA9303Matheus FKJFKTJSJDC-7C05.500 ft/mAccepted
ACA2212Herman KCYULCYQXDC9-332.200 ft/mAccepted
DAL713Herman KKATLKMIADC8-501.350 ft/mAccepted
PIE10133Tom TKTRIKCVGF-271.190 ft/mAccepted

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