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Posted by David Reed on 04/05/2021

April 2021

Historic Airline Group Knows Africa

There are many virtual airlines that cover the aviation industry, but few if any have ever tackled Africa with more than a few perfunctory flights. Here at the Historic Airline Group, we felt the need to better represent African aviation in a big way. We have just added 500 flights, representing seven African carriers, both international and regional. These flights reflect historic aviation in Africa from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

East African Airways: DH106 Comets, long range Vickers VC-10s and the DC9-30. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, East African Airways was jointly owned and operated by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. BOAC assisted with the creation of EAA, which took over many BOAC routes to the continent. Historic Airline Group (HAG) has 100 EAA flights to choose from.

Air Afrique: Sud Caravelle, DC-10, DC-8-50 and -50F. Air Afrique was a joint venture by eleven smaller African countries who could not afford to create their own national carrier. Air France assisted with the creation of Air Afrique, transfering many of their own routes. HAG provides  111  routes including cargo flights.

Astral: Astral represents well the Boeing 727-200F and DC9-30F in African air freight. Twenty-four Astral flights are provided, flying within the African continent.

South African Airways: 707, 727, 737, 747, DC4, HS748. HAG has always had South African Airways, and to this we have added regional cargo flights with the DC4 and international cargo flights with the 747. We now have 101 flights to choose from.

African International Airways: DC8-54F, DC8-62F. AIA was an all-cargo airline, operating flights between Johannesburg SA and Europe. African International flew behalf of Alitalia, South African Airways, and BOAC. We have fourteen flights to Europe with AIA.

Affretair/Air Trans Africa: DC4, DC7CF, L1049G, DC8-55F. Formed in Salisbury, Rhodesia, these two airlines were owned by the same parent company and did their share of legal cargo flights but also operated outside the law when needed. During the Rhodesian embargo, Rhodesian products were flown to Libreville, Gabon, then flown by Affretair DC8’s to Europe. On the return flight, arms and ammunition from silent, supporting countries were flown in. Air Trans Africa DC4s, DC-7Cs and Constellations were used to haul everything from UN food supplies to starving local populations, refugees from war zones, and arms to rebel forces. HAG has 69 gun-runner flights for you to test your late night, dirt runway skills, as well as long range European flights.

Here at the Historic Airline Group, we try to bring to you the best in classic airline flying. Virtual Aviation in Africa is a much-neglected segment, but we’re changing the game by providing more classic African VA flights than ever before. Come check us out at https://historicairlinegroup.com  and discover the dark continent like you’ve never seen it before.


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AGA204David RDNENFPSTDC-7C01.13-484 ft/mAccepted
BAW4825Panos TOLBAEGLLBritannia04.27-185 ft/mRejected
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