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Pilots: 63
Hours: 43,699
Flights: 18,602
Flights Today: 1
Pilots In Flight: 1
PAX Carried: 78,525,804
Freight Carried: 38,512,576
Miles Flown: 12,222,715
Aircraft: 90
Schedules: 15559
News Items: 1
Recruitment Status: Open


Company News

Posted by David Reed on 11/19/2021

World News

December Capital Events- Western USA!

December: Western USA Capitals. Using HAG schedules, start in Sacramento, CA and fly to these Western USA capitals. Use only passenger-carrying, published revenue flights, no cargo or charter. When completed, send an email to HAG for credit. To reach the next capital, fly direct or via another city, as the schedule allows, however, all flights must leave from the airport you last landed at. You do not have to visit the capitals in the order given. All flights must be completed in the month of the event. This should be a break from our last capitals, in Africa. That was brutal! But those that participated got it done before the deadline. Well done! Bravo Zulu! 

Sacramento CA; Phoenix AZ; Denver CO; Honolulu HI; Boise ID; Helena MT; Santa Fe NM; Salt Lake City UT; Oklahoma City OK; Austin TX


727 Cargo!

The Historic Airline Group knows cargo, and the 727. With over 2000 727 flights available, almost four hundred are 727 cargo flights. Freight carriers include FedEx, Affretair, Astral, Seven Seas, UPS, Ryan, Northern Air Cargo and Flying Tiger. Back in the day, you can find these 1960-1980 workhorses at almost any airport, anywhere in the world. Plus, it's a legal substitution for any DC8F or DC9F flight.




Classic Airliner Models

   Everyone loves their flight sim activities, but sometimes it's nice to have a model of your favorite type sitting on a shelf beside your computer. Airliner kits come in various sizes. You can get a Douglas DC-6B or a Constellation in 1:72 scale, but that is one big model. This size doesn't come cheap either. On Ebay you will spend close to $80 for a kit. Anything larger is going to be a very expensive, preassembled display, and where is the fun in that? Early jets are hard to come by in larger scales. You can get a 1:96 scale 727 at a reasonable price, but decals are as rare as moon rocks. 

By far the most popular scale for airline models is 1:144. A DC-6B has a wingspan just under ten inches, while a 727 comes in right at 9" wide. Costs are reasonable, typically under $25. You can find almost any airliner imaginable in 1:144 scale. Decals are plentiful, available at many websites, for almost any airline/airplane you can think of. Ebay is a good source, but there are many other sources for the beginner modeller. When you build it yourself, you have options. You can extend flaps, you can glue the landing gear to an in-transit position. With some creativity, you can make a neat little diorama. When you're done, you have something unique, because it wasn't out of a box ready to display, you made it yourself. It may not be perfect, but it provided hours of fun making it, painting it and adding decals. Your local hobby store may not have just the airplane you want, but do try to support your local economy by purchasing modelling supplies there. Many hobby stores have a hobby club, and these can be fun too, so be sure to ask. Expand your horizons, try a 1:144 airline model this holiday season.

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Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
IFL617Peter VLZIBEDDBTU-13401.45-4 ft/mPending
UAL13883Greg VKDENKMDWDC-304.48-278 ft/mPending
WAL14698Herman KKSMFKLAXL1881.300 ft/mPending
HAW758CKurt NKRNOKBOIDC9-330.560 ft/mPending
UAL14311Bill KPHNLKDENDC10-3006.580 ft/mAccepted
UAL970David RKSLCKDENDC8-501.010 ft/mAccepted
WAL14840Bill KKLAXPHNLDC10-3006.020 ft/mAccepted
FJI973AHerman KNFFNNGFUHS7483.150 ft/mAccepted
HAW12ADavid RKPHXKSLCB727-2001.240 ft/mAccepted
WAL14730Bill KKSMFKLAXB737-3000.590 ft/mAccepted

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